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Folks, this is bad. Very, very bad. Hackers and/or malicious insiders have leaked the platform certificates of several vendors. These are used to sign system apps on Android builds, including the "android" app itself. These certs are being used to sign malicious Android apps!

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) December 1, 2022

People on Twitter wished for an edit button. One of Hive's security vulnerabilities allows even more: You can edit posts of other accounts.

— zerforschung (@zerforschung) November 30, 2022

"Python is known for its simple syntax and ease of use, but also for its potential danger to small children"

— Peter Wang (@pwang) November 30, 2022

Learning C lang for the first time ...

— nixCraft 🐧 (@nixcraft) November 26, 2022

Wallace & Gromit was an early XBLA game and was required to launch from memory cards. There was a crash bug when launching off 256mb cards, but not 512mb cards. So we just added a 20mb sound file to the game, making it too big for 256mb cards. Passed cert no problem after that!

— Shaun Finney (@shaunfinney) November 19, 2022

A fun bug that causes Steam to pick a pseudo-random font for everything:

— Dan Luu (@danluu) November 19, 2022

Chrome crashes for me every couple of days on Android on the Pixel 7 Pro (with all of its 12GB of RAM), so I reported at least 6 crashes to @ChromiumDev.

In return, all I got was: you're using Accessibility, so lolfuckyou, Status: WontFix.

Not a good look, @googlechrome.

— Artem Russakovskii πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ (@ArtemR) November 16, 2022

Tactics Ogre doesn't let you use the default party name "Flamescale" anymore because it contains "mescal" as in "mescaline", a hallucinogen

You can hit accept without changing anything from the default, and it won't let you use it

— Chuji πŸ‰ (@Choojermelon) November 11, 2022

NSPredicates are Turing Complete, even when minimally using the objective-c runtime. TERNARY expressions are conditionals and an expression can evaluate itself to perform unbounded loops. below is a single NSExpression that is a full brainfuck interpreter

— πšŠπš•πš”πšŠπš•πš’ (@alkalinesec) November 12, 2022

I'm fully losing my gourd

— Sam Winkler (@ThatSamWinkler) November 10, 2022

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