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New decade, new nonsense

*airquotes* TestFlight

— Robin Kunde (@robinkunde) June 19, 2020

History is amazing

— Gordy isolife (@GordyPls) June 9, 2020

My *Oven* crashed and needs me to logon via WiFi............. 😳

— Hacker Fantastic (@hackerfantastic) June 14, 2020

so @gravislizard mentioned something about this the other day but I didn't confirm it until now... yes, DOS is even stupider than I expected... I can't make a file named banana-dot-anything.
Not just in the root directory, but anywhere on the filesystem.


— foone (@Foone) June 13, 2020

Instagram removed this photo of a dog, citing it violated their guidelines because of “nudity or sexual activity.” The account appealed and Instagram “reviewed” the appeal, but then said it still was nudity and sexual activity

— Evan Siegfried (@evansiegfried) June 11, 2020

Someone on IRC points out that since USB-C connectors can detect their orientation, it would be possible to make a double-sided USB flash disk

Label it "Side A" vs "Side B"

— Paul Evans (@cpan_pevans) June 12, 2020

The humans supervising the racist robots have been told the racist robots may try and write stories about how they’re racist, and if they do, the humans are to intervene to stop it

— alex hern (@alexhern) June 9, 2020

GnuTLS was using an all-zero key for encrypting TLS session tickets. Whoops.

— Andrew Ayer (@__agwa) June 8, 2020

Apparently, they designed their smart contract language after Ethereum, ignoring the fact that Ethereum has been trying for years to switch to WebAssembly with good old 8-bit bytes. (Apparently it’s actually going to happen this year, along with the switch to proof-of-stake…?)

— comex (@comex) June 4, 2020

Thinking of starting a series about "How Windows locales work" and each article is just "they don't", "they really don't" and "you don't want to know"

— fasterthanlime 🍉 (@fasterthanlime) May 26, 2020

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