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BigCorp: You should recognize a phishing attack.
BigCorp: This is a legitimate and mandatory URL.

— Eric Lawrence 🎻 (@ericlaw) August 13, 2022

Oof. macOS state restoration data was serialised without secure coding, so injecting malicious code into windows.plist and tricking system apps to load it would escape the sandbox & grant root privileges.

— Oskar Groth (@oskargroth) August 13, 2022

Uh… thanks google? I guess all my science teachers and professors were wrong?

— matt sarnoff (@txsector) August 10, 2022

It's 500GB a month in 2022.

— Armin Ronacher (@mitsuhiko) August 8, 2022

The funniest (i.e. most ridiculous) Stage Manager bug is that because its full-screen support is so broken, it even makes blooming on iPad Pro's display worse.

Picture #1: watching a movie with Stage Manager on; #2 Stage Manager off.

The window resize controls cause bloom 😂

— Federico Viticci (@viticci) August 5, 2022

For fun I tried doubling the number of opponents, because, well because whats the point of #reverseengineering something unless you mess with it. Turns out starting in 12th place guarantees an epic fail where you start the race behind a wall😂 #gamedev

— Dethrace Labs (@dethrace_labs) August 5, 2022

I “almost” bricked my Apple Studio Display with yesterdays update. I think my mistake was running it from macOS Ventura b3. Apple Support was able to help me restore it by keeping it plug-in for ~15min on a Mac with Monterey. This automatically retried the update.

— Markus Müller-Simhofer (@MuellerSimhofer) August 5, 2022

Crypto researcher @FatManTerra has described this as "the first decentralized robbery" as people rush to copy the transaction used by the original exploiter to take money for themselves.

— web3 is going just great (@web3isgreat) August 2, 2022

Outlook still uses the MS Word HTML engine to render emails. 💥

— Peter Steinberger (@steipete) August 2, 2022

“purity isn't useful” they say. “function names are enough documentation, you don't have to put side-effects in the signature”. Explain this then:

— Ἑ̼̝̞̂ͨ̓κ̤͙͆ͮ̑ͅά͉͍͎ͩ̆̂τ̳̣̟͊ͣ͌η̱̘̱̍͛̊ (@TechnoEmpress) July 27, 2022

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