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New decade, new nonsense

My GPS just made a mistake and the voice said “sorry about that” and then it switched to a different persons voice for the rest of the trip??? Did…the robot…get fired??

— Lucy Huber (@clhubes) April 3, 2022

I'm debating if I include, like, ten seconds of a music video clip's audio in an upcoming video and thought I'd check what the official policy is on fair use. They provide a video to explain that, which has been apparently blocked for a copyright claim, so I can't watch it

— Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) April 1, 2022

Researchers Used a Decommissioned Satellite to Broadcast Hacker TV

— TL Jordan (@dulcedemon) March 31, 2022

Twitter's confirmed (see thread) that embeds of deleted tweets will no longer have the contents of the tweet as a blockquote. As Kevin points out, this renders unreadable every news article that embedded a tweet from the former US President that got suspended from its platform 🙃

— there are 25 blimps (@ckolderup) March 29, 2022

so all this time the first-grade teacher thought the kids were absorbed in their computers bc they were so intent on learning to read, it turns out they were busy learning a very different 21st-century skill: how to game a dumb algorithm and grind for digital goods

— Will Oremus (@WillOremus) March 23, 2022

Yes, Apple puts a freaking ARM64 inside *each flash chip* in your machine these days. That is how they roll. There's also at least 12 of those ARM64 mini-cores inside the M1 Max. Yes, it has has more ARM64 coprocessor cores than ARM64 main processor cores. One of those is ANS2.

— Hector Martin (@marcan42) March 21, 2022

Your memory is nearly right. The apartment we moved into in 2005 had an elevator whose firmware often crashed, requiring walking up 21 floors.

I mean, I'd been sad about software and thinking of doing a language for a while, but "elevator can't even go" just seemed so pathetic.

— Graydon Hoare (@graydon_pub) February 13, 2022

i'm just saying i'm going to be using this in talks about how AIs manufacture their own representations of the world, and we're forced to resort to increasingly absurd tactics to be "seen" by them as they drift further from reality

do whatever you want, but that's what I'M doing

— Ali Alkhatib (@_alialkhatib) March 19, 2022

Oh now that I'm no longer under embargo, enjoy this message I got last week!

— Jason Snell (@jsnell) March 17, 2022

I published a blog article detailing a phishing technique I called Browser in the Browser (BITB) Attack. It's very simple but can be very effective. I also published templates on my Github feel free to test them out.

— mr.d0x (@mrd0x) March 15, 2022

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