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New decade, new nonsense

A data spike like this tells you your data is broken. I’m willing to bet they ask people their date of birth and a large proportion pick the year 2000 as a shortcut. There aren’t really 2x as many 22-year-olds as 23-year-olds playing switch.

— Colm Larkin (@gambrinous) November 9, 2022

It’s pretty simple: Google Meet (original) was previously Meet, which was the rebranded Hangouts Meet. Meet has been merged with Google Duo, which replaced Google Hangouts. Google Duo has been renamed Meet, and Meet has been temporarily named Google Meet (original), for clarity

— Tom Gara (@tomgara) November 2, 2022

The App Store review team has rejected my app because of a bug… in the macOS Ventura System Settings app… 😅

// cc. @siracusa @_inside

— Pedro José Pereira Vieito (@pvieito) November 1, 2022

Uber is literally sending out push notifications of ads for *other companies* now

— Nikhil Goel 🆖 (@ngoel36) October 30, 2022

Fun times ahead for #Adobe designers. Today, if you open a PSD (even one that's 20 years old) with an obscure PANTONE colour, it will remove the colour and make it black. Pantone want US$21/month for access, and Solid Coated goes behind the paywall in early November.

— Iain Anderson (@funwithstuff) October 28, 2022

This will be OpenSSL's first "CRITICAL" vulnerability since 2016. Examples of "CRITICAL" vulnerabilities include "significant disclosure of the contents of server memory (potentially revealing user details), ...

— Andrew Ayer (@__agwa) October 25, 2022

Number of days since we discovered a previously unknown CPU core with a new instruction set in the @oxidecomputer rack: 0

— Bryan Cantrill (@bcantrill) October 21, 2022

I like IRC and MySQL because they both have default case-insensitivity/collation rules that tell you the creators were Scandinavian. It's a nice change from software that assumes you live in California and speak US English

— hikari 🌟 (@hikari_no_yume) October 21, 2022

Shoutout to Google Stadia for the most insane hack ive ever had to do to pass a platform certification test.

RIP(ing this out our codebase lol)

— Lotte 'just an idiot' May 💖🍓🌈🐹🎮☕🍫🍩 (@LotteMakesStuff) October 21, 2022

so here's a story

I volunteer helping seniors with their technology issues. One of my regulars came in with a Lenovo laptop. It still had a retail sticker; I imagine she bought it used, for over $500

"I bought this so recently, how is it already so slow," she asked me

— Frisco Uplink, Dynamic Islander (@_danilo) October 20, 2022

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