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New decade, new nonsense


— Katelyn Gadd (@antumbral) October 22, 2020

Opening discord on my phone to quickly check messages involved:
- enter password
- click here if you’re not a robot
- SIX rounds of click the traffic lights
- switch to authy app
- appease authy with my backup password
- copy auth code and switch back to discord

— badidea 💫 (@0xabad1dea) October 22, 2020

The most interesting thing I've seen in the last 24 hours...

Cars have become rolling CPUs ... and it has just begun.

— Russell Gold (@russellgold) October 20, 2020

"vulnerability gets triggered by a malicious PNG used within a font."...🤯

— Aaron Grattafiori (@dyn___) October 21, 2020

It was due to a computer glitch the NYPD didn’t bother fixing and they got a cheesecake as an apology. You truly can’t even make this shit up.

— Your Friendly Butch Anarchist (@butchanarchy) October 19, 2020

"Words like ‘bone’, ‘pubic’, and ‘stream’ are frankly ridiculous to ban in a field where we regularly find pubic bones in streams."

This is my favorite story ever about the perils of automated content moderation.

— Casey Fiesler, PhD, JD, geekD (@cfiesler) October 19, 2020

The coding standards we used at Microsoft at the time said to capitalize 2- or 3-letter acronyms, but 4-letter and larger acronyms should be camel-cased. I thought this was the craziest thing I'd ever heard.

— Chris Wilson (@cwilso) October 14, 2020

Can't wait to surprise my wife with an organic red bell pepper!

— Andreas Hagemann (@hagmnn) October 13, 2020

#Facebook’s algorithm rejected a photo of some onions 🧅 for being too sexy "We've sold more in the last three days than in the last five years," said the store owner, who notes the FB rejection on his website, they are also now listed under "sexy onions"

— Shane Tews (@ShaneTews) October 9, 2020

Why would you put 3 different kinds of USB ports on here, come on!

— Robin Kunde (@robinkunde) October 7, 2020

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