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New decade, new nonsense

Fun story. @Gillis57 realized after getting enough of these that the big bounty pay out card numbers were predictable. That finding also paid him a bounty.

— Matt Jay (@mattjay) May 8, 2022

(from "Effective C")

— Ron Garcia (@rg9119) April 20, 2022

Welp. It’s the crypto bug of the year. Mark it down for April. Java 15-18 ECDSA doesn’t sanity check that the random x coordinate and signature proof are nonzero; a (0,0) signature validates any message. Breaks JWT, SAML, &c.

— Thomas H. Ptacek (@tqbf) April 20, 2022

Blockchain, applied in the real world with a case study:

To handle the ‘staggering’ amount of data of 500K loads per year (~1,500/day), Walmart Canada contracted an innovative blockchain solution using a private cloud, running 600 VMs to handle thousands of transactions per day.

— Gergely Orosz (@GergelyOrosz) April 19, 2022

Fyi, the `is` operator does not work for comparing large integers. try:
>>> x = 3
>>> y = 3
>>> x is y
>>> x = 60124
>>> y = 60124
>>> x is y

— Oren Watson #AntiNFT (@0renWatson) April 18, 2022

🤦 Imagine shipping a $1599 monitor then promptly forgetting it exists, accidentally discontinuing its OS

— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) April 11, 2022

US-based product designers:
Have you ever seen a non-US keyboard?

My keyboard doesn't have buttons with [ and ] so I can't use these shortcuts.

A quick fix: let users customize keyboard shortcuts

A better solution: provide shortcut sets that work on different keyboard types

— Fredrik Matheson (@movito) April 7, 2022

even the tiny interactions with Xfinity are just purpose-built to make you as mad as humanly possible

— Cara (@caraesten) April 5, 2022

“Other banned keywords include terms like ‘ethics,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘diversity,’ & ‘fairness.’”

You might be thinking: “this is concerning.” But you can’t type it, because that phrase is banned too.

— Mar Hicks (@histoftech) April 4, 2022

Just gave a talk about how surveillance technologies turn sex workers’ everyday lives into what is basically roulette, where they have no idea what digital tools or apps they’ll still have access to from one day to the next. One of many, many examples:

— reading gramsci (@whoreganizer) April 4, 2022

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