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New decade, new nonsense

"JWT is fine and it's your fault if you use it wrong" and other bullshit some security people will tell you.

— Filippo Valsorda 💚🤍❤️ ✊ (@FiloSottile) July 30, 2020

btw it owns that the automoderator scripts make it impossible for a peasant to speak the name of the disease, like in medieval times when you could speak only in euphemisms of the plague, lest you attract its attention

— Goatstein (@MandelaFace) September 1, 2020

Algorithm used to "grade" essays and surprise, it's easily gamed dogshit. Stop doing this! It's bad for society! It's going to make the perverse incentives of the 20th century look humane and rational by comparison. Opt out and punish companies pushing it.

— JP (@vectorpoem) September 1, 2020

this article published in "computer business review" gives me mood whiplash

— whitequark (@whitequark) September 1, 2020

it is an absolute miracle that mobile phones work

— campbell 🦀⚡ (@The6P4C) August 30, 2020

so amazon have made some creepy health sensor band with an always on microphone that monitors your voice and analyzes your tone? this line is classic tho "if you have an accent" EVERYONE HAS AN ACCENT! ALSO YOUR TECH IS CREEPY THE HECK WHO WANTS THIS

— Lotte 'just an idiot' May 💖🍓🌈🐹🎮☕🍫🍩 (@LotteMakesStuff) August 27, 2020

1/9 Some of my favourite sight-seeing destinations so far from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Starting with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the gentle hum of its famous roof mounted air-con unit.

— Damien McVerry (@DamienMcVerry) August 23, 2020

"half of the DNS root server traffic is very likely due to Chromium’s probes. That equates to about 60 billion queries to the root server system on a typical day."

— Jeff Johnson (@lapcatsoftware) August 21, 2020

Ultima Online perfected horse tech so there's no excuse for this

— jennie (@jschilltweets) August 20, 2020

After the coronavirus made students in Britain miss their final exams, the government used a "computer-generated score" for each student instead. It didn't go well:

— Kashmir Hill (@kashhill) August 20, 2020

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