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New decade, new nonsense

This is a perfect example of how a seemingly innocuous change can reverberate out into a full on game-wide issue in a highly systemic game.

— Dillon Rogers (@TafferKing451) November 27, 2023

visual studio is talking like an evangelical christian who's been diving a little too deep into revelations

— qdot (@qDot) November 5, 2023

"Too much anime in comments triggers Internal Compiler Error"

— Бранимир Караџић (@bkaradzic) October 31, 2023

apparently one of cities skylines 2's many performance issues is that it uses high poly models for each of the thousands of people walking around your city. including their individual teeth

— tom (@tombomp) October 26, 2023

i just found the most incredible twitter embed bug

— alice (@__justplaying) September 28, 2023

*arches eyebrow*

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) September 7, 2023

This is what paid Microsoft Word title bar has now:
- "AutoSave" = an ad for One Drive
- My name = ad for Microsoft account (why would I care about this when using Word?).
- Diamond = ad for extra features (popup below)
- Megaphone = ad for upcoming features.

— Omar (@ocornut) August 26, 2023


— Sunk Cost Pharisee (@Liamjsm) August 15, 2023

So apparently imax theaters ran off of palm pilots for the quick turn reel unit. And nowadays, rather than having it run off a microcontroller or PC or raspberry pi or iPad, they just run a palm OS emulator? Lmao

— Tom Barber 🐀 (@torbar) July 17, 2023







— まさとらん (@0310lan) July 12, 2023

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