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New decade, new nonsense

I hate it here

— Ian Coldwater 📦💥 (@IanColdwater) January 12, 2024

air dropping this to everyone around me constantly for the foreseeable

— Sorcha Ní Nia (@Luiseach) January 3, 2024

Great piece of history: why Linux utilities tend to run poorly on Windows.

— Phil Eaton (@eatonphil) January 2, 2024

Super Mario World is so staggeringly inefficient at displaying the player's score that in a worst-case scenario, up to 16.548% of the console's computing power is spend entirely on displaying the score on every frame. Details in reply.

— Supper Mario Broth (@MarioBrothBlog) December 19, 2023

The @awscloud Workspaces Thin Client does more than just "look like" a Fire TV cube...

— Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) December 5, 2023

When you want to know what time it is

— Katelyn Gadd (@antumbral) December 4, 2023

if you're at MFF and have an iPhone, you can protect it from the dipshit(s) with the Flipper Zero crashing it by turning off Bluetooth *from the settings app,* or using Lockdown Mode.

Disabling Bluetooth or using Airplane Mode from the control panel may not work.

— walking mirage (@atomicthumbs) December 2, 2023

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