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New decade, new nonsense

The author posted this video in the comments. It's a truck full of traffic lights.

— FSD in 6 months (@FSD_in_6m) June 2, 2021

In a recent interview with a ransomware gang, they admitted to hitting orgs with cyber insurance because they know the ransom will be paid. When asked how do they know which orgs have cyber insurance they replied they hacked the insurance company for their customer list

— Brian Ó hEoghanáin (Brian Honan) #BLM He/Him (@BrianHonan) May 20, 2021

You: oh hey you’re back early
Me: CPU core’s haunted
You: what
Me: *loading pistol and getting back into the datacenter* CPU core’s haunted

— shh (@worldwise001) June 2, 2021

This belongs in a museum

— Jan Kaluza (@JKashaar) June 1, 2021

I may never fully get over the “volume knob” on Ford electric car entertainment systems, which is just a fake “finger” running on a set of bearings they epoxy directly onto the big display.

— Nathan Lawrence 🌈 (@NathanBLawrence) May 29, 2021

Loving the future

— Kittë O'Shea (@meowmentai) May 28, 2021

US soldiers stationed on European bases that host nuclear weapons have exposed a multitude of sensitive security details -- including where weapons are stored & secret duress words -- by using flashcard learning apps that appear publicly in online searches

— Bellingcat (@bellingcat) May 28, 2021

once again,

— fasterthanlime 🌌 (@fasterthanlime) May 26, 2021

An Austin man got a visit from a social worker & CPD b/c he showed up on their predictive policing algorithm as more likely than 99.9% of Chicago’s population to either be shot or to have a shooting connected to him. Then folks thought he was snitching:

— dri (@DriXander) May 25, 2021

This is interesting. “Kochira” is literally “this way” so a 2001 Bablefish translation would’ve been “Summit this way” but this the result of an AI/frequency-based system realizing that on the web the word is often/usually used with hyperlinks. Sometimes smart is dumb! #nihongo

— Jake Jung (ジェイク・ヤング) (@jake_j_jung) May 24, 2021

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