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New decade, new nonsense

@Misel alerted me to this Reiner SCT authenticator device which gets firmware updates by... youtube.

— foone (@Foone) January 31, 2021

According to a press conference today: Hackers broke into a water treatment facility in Florida, gained access to a internal ICS platform, changed chemical levels, making the water unsafe to consume

— Chris Bing (@Bing_Chris) February 8, 2021

— Cadey A. Ratio (@theprincessxena) February 7, 2021

I was trying to be really low-key on this one, so let me make it really blunt. There is every reason to believe the NSA tried to subvert commercial cryptography in the 2000s, and now one of the architects of that work runs applied crypto at Amazon.

— Matthew Green (@matthew_d_green) February 4, 2021

I was wondering if this would happen, and it finally did. A y2k bug in a "you must be born before to buy alcohol" sign!

— foone (@Foone) February 2, 2021

Huh, it looks like there was some snafu with the domain registration and now it's registered under someone else. If you know how to fix this sort of thing, we'd like your help.

— brian d foy (@briandfoy_perl) January 27, 2021


— Robin Kunde (@robinkunde) January 26, 2021

lost my shit over this, ngl

— beth (@bethbourdon) January 24, 2021

#TIL JavaScript numbers can store integers up to 52 bits, but can only do bitwise arithmetic on the lowest order 32 of those bits.

What the hey.

— mcc (@mcclure111) January 23, 2021

Do weird shit in your codebase, it could get you into the hall of fame

— LOLgrep (@LOLgrep) January 18, 2021

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