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Funny Side Effect

— Omar Rizwan (@rsnous) April 26, 2021

anybody honestly still thinks computers should decide anything, like your credit rating, or your insurance rates, or your conditions of probation?

— peter purgathofer (@peterpur) April 24, 2021

Nice to see things in Building 115 have been going well while I've been away.

— Ben Rudolph (@BenThePCGuy) April 21, 2021

NEW: Signal's CEO hacks a Cellebrite iPhone hacking device used by cops and details serious vulnerabilities in it.

— Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai (@lorenzofb) April 21, 2021

TIL that... you can embed HTTP servers in a Blu-ray?!

— danielle (@endocrimes) April 20, 2021

Still using floats for money in this, the year of our lord 2020.999927195

— Ben Bleything (@bleything) April 19, 2021

here we go, the cursed computer iceberg meme:

— Blackle Mori (@suricrasia) April 10, 2021

finally, we have mastered the technology to be able to see what’s on the other side of a clear pane of glass

— mister movies pod cast! he exclaimed (@mistermoviespod) April 15, 2021

For example:

— Yvonne Lam (@yvonnezlam) April 16, 2021

- User submits a mysterious clipboard issue
- @PathogenDavid patiently digs into system locales, encoding conversions, line-endings etc., fails to repro but somehow finds a fix involving line-endings format.
- Someones shows up with an answer *ouch*

— Omar (@ocornut) April 16, 2021

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