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So if you want to use a USB floppy drive, you use a USB protocol called the UFI: Uniform Floppy Interface.

What's UFI? A way to embed ATAPI commands in USB.
What's ATAPI? A way to embed SCSI commands in ATA.
What's SCSI? A mass storage protocol. Floppy drives don't use it.

— foone (@Foone) September 19, 2019

If you throw JavaScript's `Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER` into Wolfram Alpha, it assumes you want eggs

— brianloveswords (@brianloveswords) September 14, 2020

remember how PayPal blocked¹ tardigrade-related transactions? well, turns out this happens because "Tardigrade Ltd" is an OFAC sanctioned² company linked to an arms dealer³ from former Yugoslavia

— whitequark (@whitequark) September 12, 2020

Just an FYI that @PayPal is currently blocking all transactions containing the word "tardigrade" in the product name or description. We've contacted them and they told us we should just stop using the word tardigrade.

— Archie McPhee (@ArchieMcPhee) September 11, 2020

Truly wild to be waking up to another apocalyptic orange sky this morning. Can anyone’s camera capture it well?? Mine keeps color correcting like “oh no your sky can’t be THAT orange right now” 📸

— Drew Tuma (@DrewTumaABC7) September 9, 2020

why yes, I did go to cursed electronics university

— Kate (@thingskatedid) September 7, 2020

correct guess / answer here, if you're just seeing this:

— Kate Temkin (@ktemkin) September 6, 2020

I love how this question is essentially "Can you multiply in C reliably? (in a way that handles the edge cases)" and I do not love how the answer is "it depends".

— andrew (@Vavassor) September 2, 2020

Year 2000: Yeah we prefer public school over private, I mean it's important to get those socialization skills you know?
Hell year 2020: Yeah but at least with remote learning they're learning important lessons about socializing with algorithms and how it's all bullshit?

— Jacob Garbe 💀 (@logodaedalus) September 2, 2020

Whenever some techbro starts flexing about how good his algorithms are I’m reminded that in 2020 the biggest players in the industry still can’t solve the Scunthorpe problem

— Extremily Gorcenski (@EmilyGorcenski) September 2, 2020

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