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One single type of payment terminal (the Verifone H5000), a rather old platform, officially announced End of Life 2018 with some sort of support until 2023, brought down big parts of card payment all over Germany as one of the embedded certificates expired unnoticed on Tuesday.

— (@jwildeboer) May 27, 2022

Solana's blockchain clock loses track of time, now running 30 minutes behind (via @OsatoNomayo)

— The Block (@TheBlock__) May 27, 2022

. @internetofshit It's bad enough when I can't see what's ACTUALLY in the cases, but now I can't even see what's SUPPOSED to be in the coolers.

— 🇺🇸Bastian for Squirrelcatcher🇺🇸 (@SneauxMiaux) May 20, 2022

there is a person who is blocked by so many people on google services -- about 10^3x more than any other person -- that there is special-case handling for their user ID in the block logic.

— rev. howard arson (new pfp) (@Theophite) May 23, 2022

A worker in Harlem said since the restaurant's delivery driver couldn't keep up with demand, she hand-delivered 11 orders herself.

Reporter @kelsaywhat @BuzzFeedNews on @Grubhub's impossible demands and failure to communicate with workers... :/

— Fairwork (@TowardsFairWork) May 18, 2022

1/ So you go shopping for a PIV card reader, because the US govt gave you one and you're curious to look at what's on it. You settle for this "DOD military USB common access smart card reader," because it's compatible with Mac OS. Cool! Only $15! What a bargain!

— briankrebs (@briankrebs) May 16, 2022

Is this billboard trying to phish me or

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) May 15, 2022

For example, in the case of Unity, if you read their latest earnings call transcript you will hear them describe how their machine learning targeted user acquisition system got into an unrecoverable bad state (!) due to bad data from a large customer, and has to be retrained:

— Casey Muratori (@cmuratori) May 12, 2022


— alex audio cowboy (@mal4m) May 12, 2022

oh dear god

— Brad Fitzpatrick 🌻 (@bradfitz) May 11, 2022

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