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Cursed list of provinces

— Owain Lawson (@owainlawson) September 14, 2022

So I just damaged my M2 MacBook Air speakers doing sine sweep tests at full volume, *with* the recently introduced HPF/volume cap safeties.

And *this* is why Asahi Linux isn't shipping with speakers enabled yet.

Good thing I have AppleCare!

— Hector Martin (@marcan42) September 12, 2022


— trivial fursuit (@ali1m) September 11, 2022

I thought I had seen it all. An installer telling the user to only choose a language based on where they're currently located.

I mean, do you really want anything else? We know better than those "corner case" users. Let's optimize for the 80% and get a really polished "UX"!

— cancel/tumult (@tumult) September 8, 2022

The Chinese version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii replaces the character icons with high-definition textures. For an unknown reason, the texture for Luigi's icon is squished and the game runs special unsquishing code at runtime to make it display properly on-screen.

— Supper Mario Broth (@MarioBrothBlog) September 8, 2022

holy shit guys

— aaron allison (@mangledbyatree) September 4, 2022

"when -ffast-math is enabled, the compiler will link in a constructor that sets the FTZ/DAZ flags whenever the library is loaded — even on shared libraries, which means that any application that loads that library will have its floating point behavior changed" 😬💩

— John Regehr (@johnregehr) September 6, 2022

Diablo Immortal players are being ‘stripped of third-party orbs’, leading to huge debts

— NESbot (@NESbot_feed) September 2, 2022

Someone hacked #YandexTaxi and ordered all available taxis to Kutuzov Prospect in Moscow

Now there is a huge traffic jam with taxis.

It‘s like James Bond movie.

— Russian Market (@runews) September 1, 2022

This is interesting, if you try to load a ⁦@netflix⁩ video on the first gen iPad (iOS 5.1.1) ⁦you see a Wii Shop error.

“This disc is no longer supported. To watch instantly, simply download Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel”

— Bunn (@fcbunn) August 31, 2022

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