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The funniest (i.e. most ridiculous) Stage Manager bug is that because its full-screen support is so broken, it even makes blooming on iPad Pro's display worse.

Picture #1: watching a movie with Stage Manager on; #2 Stage Manager off.

The window resize controls cause bloom 😂

— Federico Viticci (@viticci) August 5, 2022

For fun I tried doubling the number of opponents, because, well because whats the point of #reverseengineering something unless you mess with it. Turns out starting in 12th place guarantees an epic fail where you start the race behind a wall😂 #gamedev

— Dethrace Labs (@dethrace_labs) August 5, 2022

I “almost” bricked my Apple Studio Display with yesterdays update. I think my mistake was running it from macOS Ventura b3. Apple Support was able to help me restore it by keeping it plug-in for ~15min on a Mac with Monterey. This automatically retried the update.

— Markus Müller-Simhofer (@MuellerSimhofer) August 5, 2022

Crypto researcher @FatManTerra has described this as "the first decentralized robbery" as people rush to copy the transaction used by the original exploiter to take money for themselves.

— web3 is going just great (@web3isgreat) August 2, 2022

Outlook still uses the MS Word HTML engine to render emails. 💥

— Peter Steinberger (@steipete) August 2, 2022

“purity isn't useful” they say. “function names are enough documentation, you don't have to put side-effects in the signature”. Explain this then:

— Ἑ̼̝̞̂ͨ̓κ̤͙͆ͮ̑ͅά͉͍͎ͩ̆̂τ̳̣̟͊ͣ͌η̱̘̱̍͛̊ (@TechnoEmpress) July 27, 2022

Later on, while the car is parked in his driveway, Tesla calls him to tell him that they found and fixed a configuration mistake with his car.

They remotely software locked the car to be a 60 again, despite having been a 90 for years.

He now has ~80 miles less range.


— Jason Hughes (@wk057) July 25, 2022

I wondered what would happen when the indoor temperature would hit 100F. Well, it finally happened…

— Misuzu "Ruri" Mosu (@misuzulive) July 26, 2022

Early versions of BeOS occasionally crashed. Since they were presenting the system at trade shows, the team needed a quick solution. The answer: a crash screen that made it look intentional.

— Daniel Feldman (@d_feldman) July 21, 2022

After further inspection I found that an average match only uses about 11mb.

However. After each match the main menu retrieves about 300mb of data from the CDN on PC and Xbox. Which after about 2 matches results in over 1GB of network traffic. It's nuts.

— Neeko 🍣 (@NicmeistaR) July 21, 2022

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