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New decade, new nonsense

CNET added this gigantic correction to one of its AI-generated articles after we reached out with some questions about its accuracy 🫠

— Jon Christian (@Jon_Christian) January 17, 2023

Apple's tech support chat service won't let me upload an HEIC photo that I took with my iPhone.

— Simson Garfinkel (@xchatty) January 16, 2023

I own an Apple TV.

I own not a single other Apple device. Not one.

Every time I start the Apple TV I get this prompt now. @Apple what do you expect me to do about this?

— chris (@hugelgupf) January 16, 2023

if I had a nickel every time somebody leaked classified documents on War Thunder forums I would have 4 nickels (it’s the F-16 this time around)

— Tanker Lesbian Elize/Standing with Ukraine 💙💛 (@Tankgorl) January 16, 2023

What's the 45th hour of the day

— gigabear🧸 (@2170cell) January 14, 2023

Learning that the Southwest Airlines meltdown is due to an antiquated crew scheduling system that assumes where a crew member is instead of working off live flight data. They’ve lost track of almost every crew member and the only way to solve it is…

— Ben (@JustAnother_Ben) December 27, 2022

Folks, this is bad. Very, very bad. Hackers and/or malicious insiders have leaked the platform certificates of several vendors. These are used to sign system apps on Android builds, including the "android" app itself. These certs are being used to sign malicious Android apps!

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) December 1, 2022

People on Twitter wished for an edit button. One of Hive's security vulnerabilities allows even more: You can edit posts of other accounts.

— zerforschung (@zerforschung) November 30, 2022

"Python is known for its simple syntax and ease of use, but also for its potential danger to small children"

— Peter Wang (@pwang) November 30, 2022

Learning C lang for the first time ...

— nixCraft 🐧 (@nixcraft) November 26, 2022

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