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io_uring disabled across Google platforms.. ouchie

— Longhorn (@never_released) June 15, 2023

so google, in its infinite wisdom, must have figured out that "genesis" and "megadrive" are sometimes used interchangably, because googling "the book of megadrive" gives these results near the top on the first page

— Niels (@CaptainBalkon) June 13, 2023

someone forgot to renew a domain name and now 798,000 Maryland license plates are shilling an online casino in the Philippines

— Walter Hickey (@WaltHickey) June 1, 2023

One of the New Blood QA members and I just spent like 5 straight hours fixing one of the most cursed bugs of our careers.

All started with this message about how nothing was being interacted with in the lighthouse area.

— Dillon Rogers (@TafferKing451) May 25, 2023

The whole .zip TLD thing is worse than I thought. Here’s a 4 year old comment on YouTube that has now had the mention of 42 .zip converted to a link.

Guess what visiting that domain does? IT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADS THAT ZIP BOMB. (So do not visit)

— ThioJoe (@thiojoe) May 21, 2023

New food group just dropped

— Jonathon Colman (@jcolman) May 23, 2023

Speaking of bad passwords...what does this even mean @Citi? CC: @PWTooStrong

— doylersec (@doylersec) May 18, 2023

me: debugs why a node isn't running for half an hour

the node:

— Victor Careil (@phyronnaz) May 17, 2023


Here's a quick write-up:

— bobbyrsec (@bobbyrsec) May 16, 2023

According to Wiseguy's investigation, these are all valid triangles you can draw with a single command in the N64's RDP.

This is a triangle.

— Darío (@dariosamo) April 29, 2023

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