Sorry About Computer

New decade, new nonsense

As a…
– user
I want to…
– prove I am not a robot by training a robot to become less like a robot
so that…
– the more I train the robot, the more fucking painful it gradually becomes to prove that I am not a robot

— Shit User Story (@ShitUserStory) November 12, 2021

my favourite skyrim anniversary edition bug so far: one of the new additions is a farm you can use as a home but if you go inside with lydia, the sound from the fireplace transfers to her and then she's doomed to spend the rest of the game sounding like a fireplace

— Chris Boyd 🇬🇧🇵🇭 (@paperghost) November 12, 2021

dear mario

— Faye Mata (@FayeMata) November 11, 2021

— Robin (@MinceCat) November 10, 2021

Today's @Amazon fun is Amazon's Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy! In this situation, it won't let me price an in-print book at its retail price ($29.95) because all of the other sellers have it priced starting at $83.35. We have four actual copies in Amazon warehouses, scheduled

— John Nephew, 🦖Planegea🦖Now on Kickstarter (@JohnNephew) November 8, 2021

I'm told this is probably an emulation bug, but I don't care. This might be the funniest shit ive seen in a while.

— The Brickster (@lebrickster) November 9, 2021

A name for our new monitor? Well we’re Acer, so it should start with that. Then Nitro, because obviously. Then XV for extra valuable, 28 for the size, and 2K for the year 2000, which was tight. Then let's top it off with some total nonsense, just a bunch keyboard mashing, go nuts

— Allen Pike (@apike) November 6, 2021


— Nikita Schneider (@DeepSchneider) November 4, 2021

thinking about what it must be like to be the person that has to keep whacking the LOST button every 24 hours to keep Google Maps from going down for the entire world

— 𝓓𝓻. 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 (@xomputer) November 4, 2021

Bank Python

— (hollaback/cc) (@d_run) November 4, 2021

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