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TestFlight and App Store builds may differ 🤯

I’m seeing an issue where the safe area insets differ between TestFlight and App Store builds with the values in TestFlight builds being incorrect. App Store builds and debug builds are the same. This affected Runestone.

— Simon B. Støvring (@simonbs) September 23, 2022

Here’s a mystery: someone apparently exploited American Airlines’ in-flight PA to broadcast their own voice for the duration of a flight. Flight crew couldn’t stop it and never figured out who did it or how it was done.

— Andy Baio (@waxpancake) September 23, 2022

Okay, this is wild. I'm pretty sure this tiktok description got collapsed halfway through the emoji codepoint. When collapsed it is "person shrugging" but expanded it is "woman shrugging", meaning the "... see more" cut off the "female" codepoint. I wonder if this can be abused.

— DLareau (@DLareau22) September 22, 2022

Did they … blur the fire hydrant’s nipples?

— Ian Bogost (@ibogost) September 20, 2022

When the individual breached Uber, they sent a slack notification to everyone informing them the company had been breached.

Employees thought it was a joke.

Photo via @ColtonSeal

— vx-underground (@vxunderground) September 16, 2022

huge congratulations to google on winning first place in being such a clusterfuck of disorderly management that they’ve now two (2) chat apps called Meet 👏

— isis agora lovecruft (they/them) (@isislovecruft) September 14, 2022

Cursed list of provinces

— Owain Lawson (@owainlawson) September 14, 2022

So I just damaged my M2 MacBook Air speakers doing sine sweep tests at full volume, *with* the recently introduced HPF/volume cap safeties.

And *this* is why Asahi Linux isn't shipping with speakers enabled yet.

Good thing I have AppleCare!

— Hector Martin (@marcan42) September 12, 2022


— trivial fursuit (@ali1m) September 11, 2022

I thought I had seen it all. An installer telling the user to only choose a language based on where they're currently located.

I mean, do you really want anything else? We know better than those "corner case" users. Let's optimize for the 80% and get a really polished "UX"!

— cancel/tumult (@tumult) September 8, 2022

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