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Hey @BarclaysUK; maybe don't use @internetarchive as a CDN for your JS assets? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Phil (@immunda) July 2, 2020

This reminds me of when I was on the SVGWG and they wanted raw socket access as part of a web api. Think about that for a moment. They saw literally no problem with that as a feature.

— Oliver Hunt (@ohunt) June 29, 2020

This means that 15 of the 24 seconds in the boot time of this system is a `sleep 15` call.

I removed the `sleep 15` and rebooted. The boot time was 9 seconds.

This raises some important questions though:

- Why would you do this?
- Why?
- No, seriously, *why*?
- wat?

— friendly neighborhood dog mom (@duckinator) June 24, 2020

C has no "else if" language feature. It's just "if (statement) statement [else statement]", followed by another "if". You can replace the 2nd "if" with any other control statement:

if (x) {
} else switch (y) {

if (z) {
} else for (...) {

— Jonathan Grynspan (@grynspan) June 20, 2020


— Vanessa McHale (@vamchale) June 20, 2020

*airquotes* TestFlight

— Robin Kunde (@robinkunde) June 19, 2020

History is amazing

— Gordy isolife (@GordyPls) June 9, 2020

My *Oven* crashed and needs me to logon via WiFi............. 😳

— Hacker Fantastic (@hackerfantastic) June 14, 2020

so @gravislizard mentioned something about this the other day but I didn't confirm it until now... yes, DOS is even stupider than I expected... I can't make a file named banana-dot-anything.
Not just in the root directory, but anywhere on the filesystem.


— foone (@Foone) June 13, 2020

Instagram removed this photo of a dog, citing it violated their guidelines because of “nudity or sexual activity.” The account appealed and Instagram “reviewed” the appeal, but then said it still was nudity and sexual activity

— Evan Siegfried (@evansiegfried) June 11, 2020

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