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New decade, new nonsense

yup, that's game dev

— Joe Hobbs 💙 (@JLHGameArt) June 22, 2022

Can devs please chill 😐

— Wilson Wilson (@euboid) June 21, 2022

the subsequent study on this found that equal quality randomness was obtained by leaving the lens cap on

— alex tax1a - 2020 (2) (@atax1a) June 21, 2022

ℹ️ Confirmed: Network data corroborate reports of a disruption to internet access in parts of British Columbia, #Canada, 7 June.

The incident is attributed to the activity of a single beaver, which gnawed through a tree that then fell on fiber cabling 🦫

— NetBlocks (@netblocks) June 13, 2022

This is really funny.

The paper is META II: A Syntax-Oriented Compiler Writing Language.

— Sofia 🧹 (@typeswitch) June 13, 2022

I ordered a German book, and it infected the interlibrary loan system with umlauts.

— Jonathan Fine (@jonathanbfine) June 11, 2022

Two search entry points by default.

— Steven Sinofsky (@stevesi) June 9, 2022

lol my fucking (stock AT&T) router ran a whole scan of my network and tried to log into my NAS repeatedly until I got an email from my NAS saying it had blocked a local IP address 😅

— kat (@zkat__) June 8, 2022

I'm not gonna beat around the bush this time. SE implemented a packet compression library that you're supposed to pre-train on live packet data in order for it to compress effectively, then ship the dictionary. They're "training" it at runtime on 32kb of 0s.

— perchbird (@perchbird_) June 7, 2022

As a reminder, cryptocurrency is useless for any payment that the normal financial system will process. This is the “state of the art” 13 years on:

— Nicholas Weaver (@ncweaver) June 5, 2022

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