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New decade, new nonsense

someone forgot to renew a domain name and now 798,000 Maryland license plates are shilling an online casino in the Philippines

— Walter Hickey (@WaltHickey) June 1, 2023

One of the New Blood QA members and I just spent like 5 straight hours fixing one of the most cursed bugs of our careers.

All started with this message about how nothing was being interacted with in the lighthouse area.

— Dillon Rogers (@TafferKing451) May 25, 2023

The whole .zip TLD thing is worse than I thought. Here’s a 4 year old comment on YouTube that has now had the mention of 42 .zip converted to a link.

Guess what visiting that domain does? IT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADS THAT ZIP BOMB. (So do not visit)

— ThioJoe (@thiojoe) May 21, 2023

New food group just dropped

— Jonathon Colman (@jcolman) May 23, 2023

Speaking of bad passwords...what does this even mean @Citi? CC: @PWTooStrong

— doylersec (@doylersec) May 18, 2023

me: debugs why a node isn't running for half an hour

the node:

— Victor Careil (@phyronnaz) May 17, 2023


Here's a quick write-up:

— bobbyrsec (@bobbyrsec) May 16, 2023

According to Wiseguy's investigation, these are all valid triangles you can draw with a single command in the N64's RDP.

This is a triangle.

— Darío (@dariosamo) April 29, 2023

you can hook up two computers with a USB-C cable and all it does is make them freak out and maybe charge one of them, if they don't have thunderbolt.

great job, computer industry. you put a 20Gbps interface in every computer and they can't fucking talk to each other with it

— walking mirage (@atomicthumbs) April 17, 2023

the internet is going great

— lcamtuf ( (@lcamtuf) April 17, 2023

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