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If you are a multi billion dollar company and are concerned about log4j, why not just email OSS authors you never paid anything and demand a response for free within 24 hours with lots of info? (company name redacted for *my* peace of mind)

— Daniel 🥌 Stenberg (@bagder) January 21, 2022

1/ I find articles like this useless, so buckle up, I'm going to get into technical details.

— Robᵉʳᵗ Graham (@ErrataRob) January 19, 2022

the pronoun admin has entered the chat

— Matthew Bischoff (@mb) January 16, 2022


— Ian Coldwater 📦💥 (@IanColdwater) January 16, 2022

😂 Semiconductor shortage leads to Canon selling toner cartridges without chips which usually identify them as genuine, so Canon now instructs customers on how to override the warnings for using "counterfeit" cartridges

— Nils Adermann (@naderman) January 7, 2022

did you know? if you survive in nethack for one billion turns, the dungeon capitulates

— badidea 🪐 (@0xabad1dea) January 6, 2022

Everyone: This is not the cyberpunk dystopia we were promised, where are the flying cars
Fortune: Kazakhstan was responsible for between 12% and 18% of the Bitcoin hash rate, and the associated power shortages toppled the government

— Matthew Garrett (@mjg59) January 6, 2022

Hacker News comment: a story in three acts

— Ken Norton (@kennethn) January 5, 2022

The designers at @Tesla “cleaned up” the bottom bar of the control screen to replace my defroster and seat heaters with this customizable app list.

Thanks a lot.

But the only “apps” I want there are seat heaters and THE F’N DEFROSTER, HAVE YOU EVER DRIVEN A CAR BEFORE?!

— Marco Arment (@marcoarment) January 2, 2022

First developer challenge of 2022 (impossible): read this entire letter without a single audible groan or visible eye-roll.

— Rami Ismail (رامي) (@tha_rami) January 1, 2022

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